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Our Mission
Old media is reactionary! It does not know what the audience want and need. The realization of this fact is the weird network war between ABS CBN and GMA. In my opinion, the existence of "media oligarchs" does not translate to actual competition. This is certainly a trademark of Old Media.

Cable Networks and Internet Based Media Platforms are the alternatives in opening up the market and the industry. Competition in this case is real and not imaginary. The widening of the media landscape always paves the way for new creative and technical innovations and inventions in the field of the small screen dynamics. That is why, there is a need to train, develop and manage new talents for new media. If we just re-package old media guys and gals, it won't work at all. Instead, bad habits will just continue minus the old media super-structure.

I see the emergence of Broadcasting Schools and Media Oriented Training Institutions that strictly caters to the realities of New Media. In a way, widening the media platforms translate to better work conditions for people who will eventually enter the media market and industry.

In the Western Media World, the sharp decline of big networks' viewership is a helathy sign that people do not want a narrow perspecitive with regards to human affairs. Oprah has her own network that is said to challenge the likes of NBC and CBS. I feel that she is a perfect example of the potential of new media. There are a lot of room for new things minus the politics of slow minded big network executives.

The premise in developing Independent Cable Networks and Internet Based Media Platform is essential for New Media in the Philippines. Doing away with old constructs that dictates old media supremacy is the primary need that we must achieve. Media is not ABS or GMA, Media is an open source platform that grows when more players are engaging the market and the industry.

There is nothing wrong with politics.  I feel that it is natural for groups to form alliances and create linkages. Nothing exists in a vacuum.  The general delusion that the alternative scene is a sanctuary tends to be the pit-fall for any green-horned filmmaker or movie-maker.  I do acknowledge that sometimes it is hard to deal with it but it is part of the over-all landscape... mainstream or alternative.

But the thing  that I don't agree with is when politics no longer recognizes basic logic and reason.  Probably, people are often misled to think that politics is beyong  the convention of rules and regulations.  In fact, "politics' or political exercises are about rules and regulations.  When politics no longer recognizes simple procedures, ownerships and protocols... then it is already within the bounds of anarchy.

Those people who came from the mainstream and formed alternative production houses are generally motivated by creating a new system that is based on clear parameters, rules and regulations.  Wherein creativity is based on efficient deployment of ideas through artistic and technological platforms. Bottomline, these people can no longer bear the lack of reason and logic  within the framework of the mainstream.

But not all migrations share the same motivation.  There are some mainstream proponents who formed alternative production houses for the sake of corrupting the alternative scene through the bad habits that they brought with them.  The culture of exploitation and whole sale deceptions are slowly creeping towards the eventual take-over of cartels that I feel limit the potential of the alternative digital industry and market.

The sad part of this whole "opera" is that young and fresh graduates who are hungry to break-through the alternative scene gradually discover the nightmare behind so called "indy" production houses.  Perhaps we need to re-think why we want to be alternative or why we need to be alternative.  If we think that being alternative is just a marketing tool, stepping stone or worst... a means to perpetuate mainstream dysfunctions, " we are no different from the mainstream demi-gods that we hate so much".



A broken couple tend to focus on the public lives of two people who are initimate.  Intimacy is often qualified through marriage or boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.  Thus, when individuals operate within the rules of a socially imposed structure, each one is given the choices of playing the game, refusing to play the game or creating a new game.

Generally, mainstream proponents would go for playing the game while alternative proponents would go for refusing to play the game.  The conventional studio constructs deploy materials that are always about boys and girls chasing each other within the boundaries of social structures that are usually cliches and soap-operatic in forms.

Non-studio constructs deploy materials that are always about individuals who refuses to play the game.  Sometimes eccentric and abnormal in nature, the theme and nature of stories and characters are within the sensibility of non-participation. That is why, alternative materials, in this model,  embrace crisis as means to justify non-participation.

( to be continued)


The Changing Times

Competition is now moving towards Cable Television Channels and Internet Broadcasting, we believe that soon,  mainstream television will be marginalized by the advent of new technology.  Recent American Studies show that teens are more likely oriented towards the computer screen rather than the television screen. To complicate the situation, Cable Television Programming is more comprehensive than Mainstream Television. Thus, it is important to train more writers oriented towards this emerging new media.  To now about this change, you can visit our site at :